Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI

It is nearly the anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II.

I remember that week. We had recently moved to Sydney. Our parish was new to us. Everything seemed foreign – nothing was mentioned at Mass about the Pope’ s passing…We since know the priests and the parish and understand that evening, but at the time it seemed so weird to us…

I attended a Mother’s Night Out during which the Pope was discussed . I was the only Catholic, my first time meeting others in the group, yet Pope JP2 was discussed by all in a favourable light. Thus is the legacy of this Pope.

The kids and I did some talking and reading, some notes and sketching in our journals, about Pope John Paul II and about the then new Pope, Benedict XVI.

Here are samples, in remembrance of that time…

P.S. Some of these pics are not clear so you’ll have to squint and guess! lol!
P.P.S. Sarah is hosting the next Fair – all about Pope JP2. Check out her blog on April 2…

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