The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Yesterday was the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the opening of the
Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We read Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge by John Nicholson.

And today we will do some student activities related to the bridge and its history.

Thought a few of you may like to check out this piece of Australian history.

5 thoughts on “The Sydney Harbour Bridge”

  1. Hi Leonie, I am sorry this is off topic but I have started homeschooling my 12 y.o. daughter again after a break of 3 years and was wondering if you know of any Catholic homeschooling groups in the northern areas of Sydney? We live in Pymble. Thanks for a terrific blog.Mary

  2. Hi Mary,There are a couple of Catholic hs groups in Sydney – none specifically in Pymble but people travel from all over to the varios groups. If you email me ( click on contact details at the blog) I can let you know more. There are a few of us who also just attend all the general groups in our areas – not specifically Catholic…We live in the hills area, btw..

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