Activities for yesterday ~ and for today’s homeschool morning…

Here are some pics of Monday’s homeschool activities.

Alexander and Jonathon went to band practice, but had time for a few things before leaving. Jonathon worked on his university assignment and Alexander made the stone axe above. He is studying ancient history right now and to make a stone axe was an interesting excercise in problem solving…

Anthony made ginerbread men, using the cookie cutters and baking set he received for Christmas.

And Thomas and Anthony each tried to paint in the style of the Dutch painter

Mondrian . It is the anniversary of Mondrian’s birthday this month and Gerry’s dad is Dutch – thus, the rather tenuous connection, and why we read about Piet Mondrian yesterday. Mondrian is known for his compositions using geometric shapes and primary colours to depict emotions.

Today’s activities will centre around Project Compassion – a six week programme during Lent, Caritas Australia raises money through parishes and schools , with an aim of reducing world poverty.
There are resources for schools available on the net – today we will read about Farid and a fish farm, and we will work together on the primary and secondary school activities.

Karen mentions a similar programme for Lent in the U.S., with corresponding educational materials ~ Operation Ricebowl.


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