Today’s physical activity…

We try to do something physical or active with the boys each weekend. For fun, fitness, family time…
The last few weeks, it’s been swimming at the RAAF Base. Last week , it was cleaning up after Jonathon’s party. 🙂
Today we went on a nature walk and a play in the park. Some pics above. This is at the Basin, a nature reserve/park/walking area near our house.
We observed some of the water birds ( Pacific blue ducks, black swans, Eurasian coots) and the plant life. The bottlebrush was in bloom.
We had fun walking, talking, playing. And I also lectured one son on his room, attitde, et al. I should shut up, sometimes! 😦
All this activity followed my morning workout – I started with an old school dance workout – I love old school music. Think L L Cool J – or in this case, Sugarhill Gang. Sugarhill are the live band in Donna Richardson’s Old School Dance Party 45 minute workout. “So busted”, I sang along with the band…
I followed this up with the abs and lower body toning sections ( about 20 – 30 minutes total) from Carmen Electra’s Fit to Strip workout. Don’t worry – no strip tease (phew!). This is a toning workout, no equipment, just Carmen and her trainer Michael.
After this toning workout I added the 10 minutes abs ( or as the DVD says, belly) workout from Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates. …..
As our walk in the sun finished, we had lunch together and prayed the Rosary at lunch . We are off to Mass and a movie tonight.
How’s your Sunday?

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