Boomerangs and the Crusades

These two items do not usually go together ~ but, they have, this week, in our homeschooling.

Wednesday at Group Learning we continued with our topic of Medieval Times. The kids made mini catapults

(or trebuchets) for craft. I worked with the Seniors ( teens) on the topic of The Crusades.

We watched some of the movie The Kingdom of Heaven and discussed the historical accuracies and inaccuracies of the film. And I enjoyed looking at Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom ( they are kinda cute. 🙂 ).

We read and talked about the Crusades – a definition, the different crusades, the Albigensian heresy.

I then had the teens break into two groups – Muslims and Crusaders.We formed a Muslim-Crusader Dating Service. Each group had to think of positive attributes of their group and of ways to put a positive spin on any negative attributes. I provided books for research…

Then, they made posters – trying to get the other group to date them!

There was a lot of fun and chatter and I hope the kids had a good time, while learning about the Crusades.

And the boomerangs? They were yesterday’s activity.

Alexander is reading through a Physics textbook and I like to add in hands on stuff for everyone to do. I found the boomerang activity in the book Teaching Physics With Toys.

Students explore why a boomerang “sticks around.”

The boys made the boomerangs and added in modifications after testing their flight path.They became familiar with the lift force resulting from the flow of air over a wing and with the ability of a force to cause the rotation of an object.

The spinning boomerang behaves very much like a spinning gyroscope, and the rotation is known as gyroscopic precession. The stability of the spinning boomerang against unwanted motions caused by small forces is known as gyroscopic stability.
You learn something new every day.

My birthday

… was on Tuesday. And, no, we don’t have pics cos we really didn’t do anything special – and we forgot pics anyway! lol! But here is a pic of Gerry and I on Gerry’s birthday last Saturday….

Tuesday was a very busy day for me but we celebrated my birthday by attending our parish’s Tuesday night Mass and Novena to St Anthony of Padua. Fr. and Br. remembered my birthday and we sang Salve Regina – one of my favourites. It was very sweet of them to remember.

And we had Chinese takeaway for dinner, followed by a cheesecake brought over by two of the Youth Group leaders. Another sweet thought!

( But think of all those calories! lol!).

Gerry gave me two new Taebo workout DVDS, the younger four boys gave me a new handbag and the older three texted and phoned.

Thanks, guys…Thanks, everyone, for making me feel blessed….

Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI

It is nearly the anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II.

I remember that week. We had recently moved to Sydney. Our parish was new to us. Everything seemed foreign – nothing was mentioned at Mass about the Pope’ s passing…We since know the priests and the parish and understand that evening, but at the time it seemed so weird to us…

I attended a Mother’s Night Out during which the Pope was discussed . I was the only Catholic, my first time meeting others in the group, yet Pope JP2 was discussed by all in a favourable light. Thus is the legacy of this Pope.

The kids and I did some talking and reading, some notes and sketching in our journals, about Pope John Paul II and about the then new Pope, Benedict XVI.

Here are samples, in remembrance of that time…

P.S. Some of these pics are not clear so you’ll have to squint and guess! lol!
P.P.S. Sarah is hosting the next Fair – all about Pope JP2. Check out her blog on April 2…

Bonds and the Theology of the Body

The Bonds Company has a new service – design your own undies!

They will take your design and send it to you, for $AUS39.95, including postage.
Sounds like fun but a tad expensive.

Still, I am addicted to Bonds underwear – they are very durable. I always buy Bonds for the kids. And I have a passion right now for their new, groovy women’s range – makes me feel feminine. Lost of bright pinks, lime greens, gorgeous purples, funky 60s style flowers, matching sets…..

What makes a woman feel feminine? Obviously pretty underwear for me. 🙂

But there is more to it than that. I have been reading some of The Theology of the Body ~ Pope John Paul II. Human Love in the Divine Plan.

When the Pope spoke of of love, he did not speak only of a theology of the body, but of a theology of sex: “The theology of the body becomes also, in a sense, a theology of sex, or rather, a theology of masculinity and femininity”.

Pope John Paul II continues ~ “In fact, how indispensable is thorough knowledge of the meaning of the body, in its masculinity and femininity, along the way of this vocation [ of marriage] ! How necessary is a precise awareness of the nuptial meaning of the body, of its generative meaning – since all that which forms the content of the life of married couples must constantly find its full and personal dimension in life together, in behavior, in feelings!”

The Eucharist and Penance are the “infallible and indispensable” means, said the Pope, “for forming the Christian spirituality of married life and family life”. With these, that essential and spiritual creative ‘power’ of love reaches human hearts and, at the same time, human bodies…. This love allows the building of the whole life of the married couple according to that ‘truth of the sign,’ by means of which marriage is built up in its sacramental dignity”.

The sacrament of marriage emphasizes our equality but also our masculinity and femininity …