Showing off!

I can finally fit into these jeans! Yay! Working out WORKS!
And now I’ll stop being vain – please excuse me, I am just so excited. Little things amuse little minds, you know…:-)

17 thoughts on “Showing off!”

  1. Wow!!!! I know I told you how good you looked last year at the BPC but you look even better now!!!!Wow, I’m gobsmacked. I remember when I first met you years ago and you visited me in Strath- is that really the same Leonie? ~wink~ FaNtAsTiC!!!!!

  2. Leonie — you look great … this is just the umph I needed to really get exercising and lose that weight I gained from JP (who is now 4 years old and I can really no longer use as an excuse!).So Leonie, it’s not showing off, it’s helping the rest of us out there….You’re my role model, Leonie!

  3. Mary, you go girl with the exercise – but I warn – it can be addictive!Cindy – thats Thomas, getting out the stuff for us to make pretzels and our crown of thorns tablepiece…

  4. Wow! You look good and your legs looks really long and lean in those jeans. Gotta keep ex *puff* er*puff**puff*ci *pant* sing! (As Genevieve flops to the couch in exhaustion) Thanks for the motivation!

  5. WOW!! Congrats, Leonie! You can call it vanity, I call it inspiring! I’m trying to kick myself into gear. My sister gave me this quote: “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” My 40th birthday is just a few weeks away and I need to get in the exercise and abstaining groove.

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