One of those mornings..

Do you ever have one of those mornings?

When you want someone to take you away from everything?

I’ve had one of those mornings .

I woke up feeling vaguely annoyed. Hopped on the digital scales – and the resultant registered revolting weight made me even more annoyed.

My morning prayers seemed stilted and stale.

Checked email – lots to follow up re work and some hassles at work. Sigh.

Kids were noisy and noisy and noisy – did I say loud?

Looked at my To Do list and felt a sinking sensation – a slap. Too many things to do!

Spent awhile over a depressing, disinterested text from a relative.

Wrote a message for a bulletin board about choosing a spiritual director – I have that feeling of floundering in spiritual matters.
Got the kids started on activities – including a stubborn look from a teen, and some what to now and why from others…

Tried to choose a workout – what to choose, what’s the point, I’m not losing weight anyway….And so it went…

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I worked out regardless. I did Taebo – and, yes, the endorphins kicked in and I liked the challenge. Billy Blanks reminded me, at the end of the workout, that “Every day above ground is a blessed day.”

Yep, even days that start off bad and result in a headache. 🙂

Off to take aspirin…and to pray a bit more before we clean up and make lunch and finish laundry and meet with the man from advertizing and go to work…

5 thoughts on “One of those mornings..”

  1. Good for you for still working out! That’s awesome!We all have days like this, Leonie – I like the spiritual director idea…we’ve had great experiences with Opus Dei priests -they are wonderful and gentle confessors!Off to bed!

  2. …ah yes. Prayers here. Boy can I relate to the loud! A volume control for the dc would be very sanctifying 😉 Someone told me once that I should go on a retreat to be with God. I responded that it is easy for me to be with God when I’m by myself, I need help being with God amid the noise, the dishes, and the laundry!! Hugs from TX my friend!!!

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