A Lenten Programme.

Last night was the commencement of our parish’s Lenten programme.

Gerry ( dh) and I attended the programme last year . We went out for coffee and talk after each session last Lent and then shared information from the programme with the children at home.

This year, we are attending with son Jonathon, so no “date time” – but we are still hoping to share our reflections with the children.

Each week, one of the Brothers from the Conventual Franscicans, leads us in prayer and then reading and discussion/reflection on the forthcoming Sunday Gospel.

There is a theme to each session ~ last night the theme was Finding Christ in prayer.

Br. mentioned that many times we talk and talk to God – but we don’t stop to pause, think, listen.

I know the listening part is hard for me. As is discernment – I think, is this really God’s will or my own inclination?

During the quiet reflection, I was able to think about listening, about finding time to be still and about how discernment works.

I think that the hour spent at the Lenten programme each week will be of spiritual benefit ~ for me, for Gerry, for Jonathon and for the other boys.

If your parish holds such a Lenten journey, I encourage you to attend even one session. To journey with others during Lent has proven helpful for me.


Lenten reading. And a haircut.

One of the books that I am reading for Lent is a little gem –
Saint Teresa of Avila for Every Day.

This book consists of short quotes from St Teresa’s book “The Interior Castle”.

Some recent quotes ~

If we practice love of neighbour with great perfection, we will have done everything.

In my opinion, we shall never completely know ourselves if we don’t strive to know God.

Well, believe me, if we don’t obtain and have peace inside our own house, we’ll not find it outside.

And, as an aside – on a completely different matter; I move from the spiritual to the… the sublime?? 🙂 – well, I went to the hairdresser yesterday and asked for a trim and some layering. She got carried away and now my hair looks completely different! I felt nervous when I got home and looked in the mirror! lol!


Lenten practices.

During the homily at Mass last night, Fr. mentioned that fasting can be giving up something that is close to our heart, for the period of Lent.
I laughingly said to my dh that I am giving him up for Lent!
I can’t. My dh is too cute.
All joking aside, Fr’s homily reminded us of the Lenten practices of extra prayer, almsgiving and fasting.
Three important practices for we Christians, as we follow Christ’s example. As we journey towards Easter and the attendant celebrations.
Almsgiving is charity. Charity is love.
And charity begins at home.
It is my prayer that I will be a better parent and a better wife . That Lent will be a time of joy for our family; a time to grow closer again.
Is it possible?
Anything is possible with God. 🙂