A little Science.

Funny. January must be a Science month.

I read Theresa’s blog and noted their bacteria exeriments.

Jennifer and her daughter have embarked on a study of birds.

We also undertook Science activities this last week – on Thursday.

It all began with a clearing and organizing project. January is good for these sort of jobs!

We re-organized our “school boxes”, the containers in which we keep projects and notebooks and drawings and writing and anything else we can stick into a file folder and call a portfolio for the Board of Studies.

We tidied up some homeschooling shelves. I threw into the recycle bin a pile of papers – notes and ideas and themes and units. No point in hoarding..

In the process, we came across a few Science textbooks, primary and secondary level.

I asked Alexander, Thomas and Anthony to each select a book of interest from this group, to pop into their school boxes for possible reading.

Straight away, Thomas and Anthony became interested in the Science activities in the books.

Anthony made a water lens – see the pic above. You can make a similar

Thomas attempted to create and observe static electricity ~ do you know how difficult it is to create static electricity when you want to? Or how easy it is to create and exerience static electricity in every day life, when you could care less? There must be some sort of Murphy’s Law applicable to this situation..

3 thoughts on “A little Science.”

  1. I haven’t experienced static electricity in years, we are so damp here, but I remember growing up in Colorado for my birthday we would always hang balloons around the house by rubbing them on our heads and sticking them to the wall. They’d stay for a long time!

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