It began as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day…

Have you read the book
Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?

Well, today started like that. It has a happy ending, however.

My mum has had breast cancer. I have mammograms every year just in case.

Well, today there were suspicious areas during the mammogram. I needed an extra ultrasound. I needed extra tests on top of this.

While waiting for the tests, I felt extremely mortal.

The results became available while I was at work. My kind doctor and even more kind husband relayed the results to me, at work, as soon as possible.

Suspicious areas benign.


This good news, coupled with Reconciliation tonight, and then healthy low fat Subway take away for dinner ( no guilt!), made my terrible, horrible no good morning fade.

This evening is spectatcular. πŸ™‚

Deo Gratias.

13 thoughts on “It began as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day…”

  1. Oh wow! No wonder you were feeling stressed. I’m in the same position with you and take routine test *just in case* I had a similar lump this summer and after a battery of tests & removal of mass, was proclaimed clear. Go hug your family and treat yourself to lots of Christmas cheer and goodies!

  2. Oh, Leonie Praise God!Yes, I had a similar experience a few months ago. It is so hard when you don’t know. There is so much cancer around us and yes, the feeling is mortal. What a chance to put ourselves in God’s palm. But hard. So glad for your happy results!You may find this funny. I had my mammogram and they wanted me to come back for a ‘magnifcation’ to look at the trouble spots. So, of course, I google this and see pictures of what they are looking for, the ‘clusters’ that are trouble. (I had calcification, but they needed to see if they were clustered)So, I went back in and the office was really a mess. Messed up appt times, angry patients, etc. I was in the exam room waiting for the tech and on the light screen was my first mammogram.So I had all this time to study it. Wierd to study your own xray. I saw that it did not have the clusters I thought they were looking for… did the mammogram, came home and got the negative results.But, it was funny trying to google-diagnose myself! Sometimes too little info can be dangerous.God bless and glad you are healthy!With love,Cindy

  3. Oh, thank you both for understanding – you’ve BTDT. Genevieve, I am really into Xmas cheer today!Cindy, I agree that too much info can be a bad thin g…

  4. I was thinking, Leonie, it is such a comfort to read these comments and know others have been through what we go through. When I first had my abnormal mamm. I mentioned it to an instructor at my studio who did have breast cancer and beat it. She was so wonderful.. sharing open, full of information. I knew at that moment that she had turned her illness into a gift- we had a sudden bond. And though my results were negative (and she was happy!) we still had that bond.Just thinking on your blog! lol

  5. Cindy, I was hesitant to share – I tend to keep medical things to myself. I was cross with my dh for texting people , asking for prayers. Dumb, I know – my dh points out that people want to share the negatives as well as the positives. Your thoughts fit in with this..

  6. Leonie,I can totally relate to keeping medical things to yourself. One has to have some privacy…even in the world of blogs LOL.I’m so glad to read about your Christmas blessing. :)Btw, the picture of the boys with Santa is awesome. πŸ™‚

  7. Praise God! I am sorry you were anxious and upset. Your dh is right…please share the negative…you always have a wonderful comment and prayer for all of us…we would be honored to pray for you in times of need. Great photo of the boys(or men in some cases!) Merry Christmas!

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