Today’s workout…

The FIRM Classic – Volume 1. I have this one on DVD – it is a bit cheesy, from the 80s, but a very effective areobic and weight training workout.
I didn’t have time for the full 60 minutes today – homeschool teen group party on this a.m. – but I did about 45 minutes, maybe 50 minutes with the abs section.
Thanks Kristina for reminding me about this workout!
My eating has been okay to day, too – so far within calorie limits. 🙂
How about you?

5 thoughts on “Today’s workout…”

  1. Maria – good for you re your walk!Kristina, the workout was less challenging than I remember – but fun and I know I’ll get DOMs tomorrow – esp from the floorwork!

  2. HI Leonie-I would love to do accountability with you all!Do you have specific goals set up? Or just general lifestyle goals?I have set up a goal to lose 10 pounds by Dec 31. I am down five so far.I have also taken beginning measurements just to give myself some bearing. I don’t want to get caught up in numbers, but the pounds do give me a sense of moving forward!I have been working out a lot and doing strength training for some time an dlove it. I feel so much stronger. I wrote up some goals or ‘why I am doing this’- to remind myself.I am like you, I enjoy the workouts so don’t have trouble getting them in. Plus my boys are older so I can leave to workout whenever I need– so much easier then when they were little and I had to get very creative!I am doing Weight Watchters online- no meetings- but a great tool to help me track what I eat. My ultimate goal is to learn this and have it come natrually again so I don’t have to keep up. I got out of the habit… began eating for reasons other than hunger or sharing with others… so hope to get some self-discipline back.Well, that is my tome! You all are welcome to join my blog and we can all be accountable together there.. or we can do it here!Good luck! I will post my ‘reasons why’ if anyone is intersted. :)I love having company on this ‘journey’.. 🙂

  3. Cindy – you have very specific goals, wtg!Is your accountability blog separate to your usual blog? Am happy to join you here or there. :-)My goal is to continue my workouts for health and fitness, to manage all the holiday eating and to lose 4.5 kg to get to my original goal weight. I ‘ll probably want to go lower than that but I can’t beleive I am so close to the original goal!

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