My workout today.

Holding myself accountable – I really need to work out hard every day, to counter all this holiday eating.

I did Taebo – Billy’s Blaster Ball workout.

And had a blast with the stability ball and the 3kg dumbells.

I’ll try to commit to posting my workouts and to watching my eating, over the festive season. All right?

Want to join in?


8 thoughts on “My workout today.”

  1. I’m partial to the Firm classic workouts (Volume six is my favorite). I am ashamed to admit that I have not done any of the firm videos for several weeks. You are inspiring me to get going on that. Thanks, Leonie! Here’s to a healthy and fit Christmastime to you and yours, kristina

  2. I just started to do short (2-3 min) ab workouts. One in the morning and one at night. My goal is to begin riding my dh’s exercise bike in January. (He’s going to clean-up our basement during his Christmas vacation.) I will watch to see if you are sticking to your goals.

  3. Hey Leonie—I just started a blog yesterday for my accountabiity! It is private.. lolBut I will love to read yours and you can motivate me!Go go go!!!

  4. Thanx for all the comments, guys – you know, working out is not really a problem for me – I love it and never miss a day ( even when I had blood clots in January I did upper body workouts! lol!). But I need to keep up the intensity and really, really wok on eating – the holdiay junk and snacks are getting to me. :-(Cindy and Cheryl, we can be accountable to each other. πŸ™‚

  5. Leonie,I just checked my profile. This is so strange that my blog is not showing up there. You have visited my blog a few times. I used to call it “Kristina’s World,” but changed the name to “yesterthoughts” since that is more fitting for one with more sporatic blogging habits – lol!On the topic of Firm workouts, Vol. 1 is a killer! Volume 4 is good when I am just getting back in the swing of working out regularly. When I have not worked out in awhile, I always do the first half of “The Hare” Firm workout w/ Tracie Long. It’s old, but not as old as Volume 1! I love the jazz shoes and leggings they wear in Vol. 1.

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