Crown cake

We have a busy weekend planned – but I hope to find time to make a Crown Cake, in order to celebrate Sunday’s Feast of Christ the King.

Christ is King . You can check out the readings for Sunday here.

Maybe we can make the cake on Saturday evening? I know Thomas will want to bake.

One recipe for a Crown Cake.

And this is a Cinnamon Crown cake.

For a more complicated but delicious sounding recipe try here.

We’ll probably keep it simple ( you know me). But I think baking and eating are fun ways to remember the Feast of Christ the King.

I’ll have to watch my calories, though!

And what if the kids don’t want to participate?

Well, tough! ( Oh, dear, I sound mean. But its said with a smile – does that count?)

As I wrote on an email list, recently, there are things in our family life which are non-negotiables. We consider the child, we change and adapt things and change and adapt ourselves but, ultimately, some areas are family concerns. Must dos.

I admit that sometimes my kids don’t want to do something – not discuss the movie or do the maths activity or the project. Sometimes this is okay – we’ll leave the project.

But, sometimes, no is not an option here – we can tweak things to suit the child but something needs to be done or participated in.

Why? Well, this doesn’t sound unschooly but
a) we need some sort of proof of learning for our portfolios for the state

b) I know that often my kids ( one kid in particular) are reluctant about something but, with a gentle push and time, will end up getting into the project/book/whatever. Will like it.

c) Dh and I just think the activity is important .We can see the bigger picture. We try to communciate the bigger picture. Our vision.

Certainly, I have to remember that its not all about me or about my desire to have a super looking home and homeschool with darling looking home school children. 🙂

My children are darlings – but each in their own way!

Similarly, as it is not all about me, it is not always all about the kids.

We are a family so we have to consider each other – come for a walk simply because mum asked you to and mum really wants to, watch a movie with younger brothers, participate in a family tradition even if you think its corny – simply For the Family’s Sake.

7 thoughts on “Crown cake”

  1. —–Well, tough! ( Oh, dear, I sound mean. But its said with a smile – does that count?)—Love it! And, yes it counts! I think that is sometimes our duty — to give a bit of a shove here and there.Leonie, we just came up with our Thanksgiving menu. My mom usually cooks tons and this year it is here. So I decided to do the same. some cooking will be done weds, some on Thurs(Thanksgivng day), so I made a chart and had each ds pick one dish on each day to help with. If ya wanna eat, ya gotta help!And same with activity, study, etc. I know when I was a kid I could use a bit of a start now and then.Love your post.

  2. Whew – I am glad you understand my comment. I’m with you – the srater is sometimes needed.Can’t wait to hear about your Thanksgiving cookathon and the menu – and you promised me a red head pic!

  3. Thanks – we’ve made a crown cake before, using the ideas from a children’s party cake book. It was very sweet so think we’ll stick to simple this year.

  4. hi leonie – in the spirit of simplicity 😉 i use a simple bundt cake recipe and the dc decorate the bundt cake with square lollies as well as other ‘jewels’ 🙂 we usually do this for epiphany, but it makes even more sense for sunday!

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