I failed preschool craft.

I mentioned in an earlier post that we are doing sewing and crafts this term in Group Learning.

This week was sewing – the juniors made hats and bags and the seniors made T shirts.

Now, I am way out of my comfort zone when it comes to sewing.

I looked at the patterns for the seniors and nearly had a fit. Say what? You trace which line? This is the front?

I ended up helping with the preschool craft – threading beads and making a cushion.

I feel really sorry for Faith, the little girl I helped. She now has the most mis-shapen pillow you can imagine. She loved it ,though – it was her choice of colour and materials ( pink vinyl with beads of many colours).

This craft was hard! At one stage, I said “This is dumb. I give up.” There was a shocked silence from the children and from the two other mums helping with this group.

Oh-oh. Bad example.

I failed preschool craft.


Did an unschool-ish child say that??

On the way home from Homeschool Teen Group today, we were talking about kids and Kumon and school.

Now, the teens had just spent the morning hanging out together and shopping and eating. Some went to the movies.

The younger ones shopped and ate and hung out with mums and with other young siblings.

Not your typical school morning – if you attend conventional school, that is.

So, up pipes Anthony ( my youngest – just turned 11).

His comment?

” Quite frankly, I think kids should get some choices in life. But there are also things that are no choice. And education is one of them.”

Woah! An unschooled education Nazi?



Theresa asked about our children’s books.

Here are a few samples from previous years.

The books are cardboard bound, hand sewn, fabric covered, with dust jackets. We use the ideas from Valerie Bendt’s book.

This year, Alexander is writing a book of essays – probably three essays and appropriate illustrations.

Thomas is toying with the idea of (yet another) fantasy book or a cookbook.

Anthony wants to write a either a fantasy book or a comic book like TinTin.

When Jonathon is finished his university work, perhaps he’d like to put together a collection of some of his art and photos. We’ll see.


What’s for dinner?

Hey, I’m actually cooking tonight!

Last night was jacket potatoes, cooked in the oven while we were at Mass. With chicken burgers from the freezer and salad and shop bought bread rolls. Ice cream from the freezer for dessert.

A convenience meal – and an unexpected but welcome visitor – who had to eat the thrown together meal. And experience our poor table manners and our noise!

He should come for dinner tonight.

Real food is on the menu.

Why? Well, at the request of the kids, I am making Shepherds Pie.

We are even home early enough for me to attempt to cook.

Here is a yummy heart healthy Shepherds Pie


The Homeschool Rule of Six

Mary is running a blogging Homeschool Carnival – The Rule of Six.

It is based on
Lissa’s thoughts on “Our Rule of Six: Six Things to Include in Your Child’s Day”.

Hmm. Six things to include in each day.

I have thought about our days, our best homeschooling days.

On reflection, these are the things we include most days and that I think we should include every day, here in our homeschool.

St Anthony’s Academy ~ promoting excellence in home education.

Rule of Six ~ Things to include in Our Homeschool, Every Day ~

  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Prayer
  • Talk
  • Music
  • Things to do and books to read

P.S. We named our homeschool back in 1997, when Greg needed a school report for a tax file number ( don’t ask!). I wrote a report of his homeschool work. We came up with the name because of our family’s devotion to St Anthony – and Gerry and all the boys have Anthony in their names! We added the motto to make the report look more professional – and now it has stuck. I use the name and motto on any “official” documents.