The (Kumon) Margarita Club.

I am a
Kumon Supervisor.

I love working with children – my own children, other homeschool children in groups, the children at my Kumon centre.

Working with children, however, can be a bit isolating. One has to create opportunities for input from other adults.

A few months ago, some fellow homeschool mums and I got together for a margarita party. We shared and laughed a lot. We have regular Mothers Nights Out.

I decided to extend this philosophy to Kumon.

I asked a few other Kumon Supervisors to agree that we would visit each of our centres, bimonthly and over the course of a year, in order to learn and to offer each other constructive criticism. To grow as we work with children and encourage their growth.

And we decided to follow these visits with a meal together – for friendship and to facilitate discussion and sharing and learning.

Today was our first centre visit, follwed by lunch at Chillis.

I suggested we call ourselves the Margarita Club ( I love margaritas ) – and the Supervisors and I celebrated the lunch with – margaritas, of course.

For most, it was their first introduction to margaritas and to the group sharing concept .

Both were fun ! Both involved learning.

I think that those of us who work with children, homeschoolers/teachers/Kumon Supervisors/whatever, really need this support and information sharing.

I also think its important for parents to have a similar time for talking and friendship – keeps the family on an even keel.

I plan to organize a date with my husband, too.

What about you? Do you have a support group or a date time or a Margarita Club?

5 thoughts on “The (Kumon) Margarita Club.”

  1. Hi Leonie,How wonderful..margaritas and friends… I used to belong to a book club?!! called Weno nights.Womens Excuse for a Night Out. It was a great night once a month. Sometimes we talked about books and sometimes we didnt. It didn’t really matter. I do miss the book club and have thought about starting one here but really dont know enough mums that would come.Might have to introduce Margaritas though.CheersPam

  2. I think the book and margarita club sounds like a cool idea – you only need one or two other people!The Kumon group started with me and one other person…

  3. What fun!Yes.. we need to give ourselves that time, what Cm called “MOther Culture”… it is a rather amusing image to think of Miss Charlotte drinking a Margarita! lolI have a regular date with a close friend and we go to a quiet resturant and talk and talk. That is something I always look forward to.It used to also be our old CM meetings… we had the best disucussions and would often move to a coffee house after.And my dh and I have recently been enjoying outing more… We need to care for ourselves, don’t we?

  4. Cindy – I laughed at your idea of Mason and a Margarita!But I agree – think time out to talk about kids and our work with them and/or our parenting is helpful.

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