Relaxed homeschooling

I found this article by Mary Hood, on
relaxed homeschooling.

I like most of the article. I disagree with some of Dr Hood’s points.

I do, however, agree with the paragraph below –

The problem with most of these readers { readers quoted in the article} is that they misunderstand what “relaxed homeschooling” is all about. It isn’t a method. Relaxed homeschoolers may use all kinds of methods as they tailor things for each individual child. It isn’t a curriculum, or the absence of a curriculum. I’ve used various books and materials over the years, including some textbooks when a child asked for them or when I thought they were a useful resource in the upper grades. It isn’t really a philosophy, either, because I don’t have the time to create a whole new philosophy, and you don’t have time to study one.

It is really just a mindset. It’s the idea that you are a family, not a school. You’re a mom, not a teacher. You don’t have a classroom. You have individual relationships with your children. Your husband isn’t a principal, because there isn’t really a school. “

6 thoughts on “Relaxed homeschooling”

  1. Thanks for the article… just curious.. which parts do you not agree with? I have not read the whole thing yet.. and love your excerpts. Let me know if you have time to post….

  2. Well – you know me – I always agree and disagree with homeschool articles! lol!I disagree with Dr Hood’s take on computer games and TV – she has a virtual ban on these but I think these can be great learning tools, discussion starters, rabbit trail sparkers and plain fun. She also thinks we should let our kids get bored and then they will find their way – but I think more parental “being there” is neded.Little things. :-)And I could be wrong – I often worry if I am ruining my kids…

  3. I think that’s a pretty common worry :-/ The quote you posted is the one that struck me also (no surprise *g*) It’s that whole philosophy of what’s right about learning at home (or out and about) and artificial about school, if that makes any sense to anyone other than Sabine who knows the weirdness of my brain 😉 Today at Mass, Father was talking about free will…he gave us some weird analogy. Anyway, I think it’s not that complicated….if no isn’t an option, then yes is meaningless. That’s why I think totally banning media is surely going to be counter-productive. Okay, that was one rambling comment…

  4. Beate – thanks for your “rambling” comment.I agree – we worry about our kids and if we ( or Dr Hood :-)) are runing our kids. Esp when they do soemthing dumb – as one of mine did yesterday. Maybe I should re-read the article and re-think my parenting? :-)But there are no recipes, are there?

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