Refrigerator Strewing

On the fridge this week, for perusal and discussion.

Information on

St Januarius. ( Thanks Fr!)

Amo, amas, amat, etc – Latin. Check out this cool Latin

Poem, chosen by Anthony ~ Matilda by Hillaire Belloc.

The Kumon Honour Roll, with both Jonathon and Alexander on the list. Super!

A multiplication table for Anthony.

And, finally, something extra for me – my current Turbo Jam workout rotation.

5 thoughts on “Refrigerator Strewing”

  1. Fun to see your fridge, Leonie!I agree… it is so neat and clean! But I gave up fridge envy long ago… I may have to get a picture of mine so you can see. It just collects and collects, but then I finally have to remove some stuff.Love that poem… I got a kick out of it.Your workout looks tough. I just got home from a double-workout… a hour of strength traning and then 45 min of cardio. Boy my heart must look pretty! :)Thanks for sharing..

  2. Maria and Cindy – I hate a lot of clutter so went through long phases of NOTHING on the fridge. We had a bulletin board !In this house we don’t – so I am trying to be judicious about what goes on the front of the firge.On the sides of the fridge ( where people can’t see) is the running shopping list and misc notes! lol!What a great workout Cindy – one hour and 45 minutes. I just can’t find the time for workouts over an hour at this stage of my life. 😦 Sometimes I can only do 30 or 45 minutes…

  3. Hi Leonie–Well that Saturday workout is the day I work up at the studio which gives me free tuition! I work the desk and sign people up.. so have to be there for 2 classes. Some days I don’t get both classes in as I might have a busy desk, but today I did and boy am I tired! 🙂

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