It is lunch time. Everyone is waiting for lunch. And I am blogging on metacognition.

The boys and I had a long discussion on metacognition this morning.

It started with a note to self in my diary – maths journals.

I visited this site and found the lesson on metacognition.

And introduced this to my sons.

Wham! The discussion started.

Thinking about thinking? What about discussing discussion ( metadiscussions)?

I posed the problem – what are our thought processes when choosing clothes to wear –
or food to eat (for example, at a fast food restaurant)?

One son flatly denied having any thought processes! Huh? We all jumped in and proved him wrong ( nicely I hope, although our discussions can get quite heated).

Anthony (10 and youngest) discussed his choosing clothing thought processes – it was an eye opener for the rest of us.

Jonathon’s thought processes on clothing were interesting – very image centred.

Are mine? Probably. ( Blushes)

We found more info on metacognition.

And a quote from Edward de Bono – “unless you know everything, what you need is thinking”.

The boys wrote in their journals and I blogged ( am blogging).



Susan has a good post on her blog on
a Sabbath season. Started me thinking.

Talking with a priest from our parish added to the thoughts already swirling in my head, about homeschooling and seasons.

We don’t do a lot of planning in our educational process. We live and learn.

I read about education issues. I look at our state’s education documents.The boys and I talk – we follow interests. I know what we can do and should do, over a term or a season.

And then the days just flow on from there.

We do some Maths. Some writing. Some reading. Some themes. We talk. We watch movies. We participate in groups. Some art – symbolic self portraits! Music lessons and band practice. Ice skating. Skateboard lessons.

We have meetings to discuss progress and paths.

I keep a log of what we do. And it all gets done. I can check off outcomes achieved on the education outcomes checklist.

This season our focus is Chemistry, via Group Learning and follow ups at home. Alexander is studying Latin. Thomas and Anny French, via some fun computer programs.

We all keep journals and nature journals. And the boys will be blogging this season, as a way to extend writing skills.

Wednesday mornings, before Group Learning, seem to have become a good time for more focused religion reading and writing and discussing. We read about the Saints and celebrate the liturgical year as a matter of course. And Anny is copying out some Latin prayers.

Current events – reading and viewing and talking about the news – takes place.

The Maths we do takes the form of Kumon or workbook or activities or maths journals .

And there is some Kumon English study .

[As an aside – I am a Kumon Education Centre Supervisor and the children have the option of studying with Kumon. Or not. What has been interesting for me to see is that some of my boys like a methodical programme, with clear goals. ]

This term I have replaced our artist and composer of the month with a weekly Latin quote and poetry selection – rotated on the refrigerator. A nice change.

The choices for this week? They are e e cummings and
Cogito ergo sumI think therefore I am


What happy thing happened today?

Bridget asked this question at the 4 real learning forum.

It is Thursday morning here, so I pondered my Wednesday.

What happy things happened?

Luke is coming to Sydney for the weekend!

I have had fun connecting with friends via blogging.

I lost one pound. Happy dance!

I rocked and jammed to Turbo Jam Cardio Party ( “Mamma said knock you out!” L L Cool J).

I actually cooked a dinner that ( almost) everyone ate.

Other mums and I had a good laugh about our children and their ( sometimes)endearing personalities over lunch at Group Learning.

Alexander and I shared laughs over a P.G. Wodehouse book.

I enjoyed another thoughtful chapter in Scott Hahn’s book “Lord Have Mercy.”

And smiled over Tempe Brennan’s relationship woes in Kathy Reich’s “Break No Bones.”

Laughed and talked with Gerry and the boys about the Dr Who episode we watched on DVD ( a birthday present for Alexander).

Completed four pages of Kumon maths problems – factorization of polynomials is fun, like working on a jigsaw puzzle.

And found a cool P.G. Wodehouse website, devoted to his novels. Emailed the link to the rest of the family.

Oh, and yes, I guess we had a happy moment or two over schoolwork – A finished his Middle Ages book ( his cover is above), T and Anny finished symbolic self portraits.



Yes, I do housework.

Often I get inspired by something – an event, a person, a book, a desire.

On the weekend, I ws inspired by music. Listening to loud happy music makes housework extra fun.

I swept outside – the porch and patio.

I used carpet shampoo on the sitting room carpet. Replacing the furniture in the room created a desire to re-arrange the furniture. So, now our sitting room has a different look.

With Good Charlotte blaring from the CD player, I started on the family room and the dining room. Moved the furniture around there. And enlisted the help of Thomas and Alexander and dh.

Then I moved to the main bedroom – hmm, it needed some sprucing and a touch of beautifying, too.

It feels nice to be sitting in new rooms, well, the same rooms but with a different twist. A makeover?


On being a wife…

Now, don’t worry, I am not about to blog on another hefty topic.

But the mothering posts, here and on Genevieve’s blog and the related posts at the 4 real learning message board, have created a spin off – from mothering to the topic of being a wife.

You can read some posts