Three of our sons will be confirmed this week – and each has an older brother as a sponsor.

We finished our confirmation lapbooks back in February and they have been read and re-read numerous times this week.

What did we include in our lapbooks?

* A small book with a biography of their Saint names.
*A flip chart on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
* A poster on the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
* Diagrams and pics illustrating the theological and cardinal virtues.
* Reproductions of appropriate artwork – each chosen by the individual son.

St Athanasius, St George and St Andrew pray for these three confirmation candidates.

4 thoughts on “Confirmation”

  1. We are starting our preparatioon for the three eldest who will be confirmed in September at Homeschooling camp. I like your idea of a lap book. I think I’ll get the children to create their own – with our assistance of course.

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