Hi all, I’m Jonathon Westenberg, 16 years old, this is my first blog entry. That sounds almost like a Fisher Price toy…..

What have I been up to lately? For one thing, I’ve just finished my second uni course of the year, and I’m waiting for the results. The course was on Creative and Professional Writing. I think I did pretty well on it, but we’ll have to see!

Meanwhile, I’m taking a semester off Uni in order to work on doing some art. I’m currently talking to an American company about designing some shirts for them, very much in the style of “Made” and “Level 27″‘s shirts. Should be good, I’m very pleased with the designs. If they accept them, I’ll post a link here.

I’m also working on a website for my art, a sort of online gallery. Since it’s the first web design I’ve ever attempted, it’s not that easy. But it should be finished soon, so you’ll all be able to see what I get up to!

Finally, what have I been watching/listening to/reading?

Well, I’ve been enjoying the StarGate movie, it’s very good. Kurt Russell (of Tequila Sunrise) plays one of the main characters. It’s a bit predictable, but still….that’s Hollywood! (sometimes, anyway)

I’m going to watch “The Life Aquatic” tonight, so I’ll post and say how it is.

As far as listening to goes, I’ve been giving The Transplants another spin, their new album “Haunted Cities”……The sound quality isn’t as good as on their debut eponymous album, but it has a good unpolished sound. I’ve also been playing A7X’s new album. It’s very unusual, has a really epic sound to it, choirs and so on.

I’ve been reading “Beu Sabreur” by PC Wren. He also wrote “Beu Geste” and “Beu Ideal”……all connected in small sneaky ways, with good plot twists. It’s very dramatic reading, but lots of fun if you like swordfights, toureg bandits and the foreign legion!

Anyway, bye for now, see you all another time.
I’ll put in another update soon!


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