Our Teen Group

Remember I said we had a teen group meet at our house? The aim was to help homeschooled teens meet each other and hang out more.

Well, we have had one meeting. At my house, as I said. The next meeting is to be next week.

And already there are hassles.

Basically, people don’t want to compromise. Some teens won’t come if we don’t do what they like. Some mothers don’t want younger siblings to come. Some do. Some mothers want the teens to do the plaaning. Some want mothers to plan. Some want a group plan. Some people like others and dislike others – I won’t come if they come.

We just want to compromise, allow for differences and hang out and have fun. Meet more people ( mums and teens).

It all seems so complicated sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Our Teen Group”

  1. What a hassle!Could you just set up what *you* want and then invite everyone and let them decide if they want to come without having to take a vote on all the particulars? Might be a smaller group, but at least they’d be people who had the same goals you had.I sometimes can’t stand the overinvolvement of moms in homeschooling. Give teens some breathing room!:) Nice blog.Julie

  2. Thanks for the tips! We had our second meeting this week and it was interesting to note that the teens hung out in groups – and so did the mums. Reflecting our different viewpoints?

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